Pic Post: Rapunzel’s Tower at Walt Disney World

Earlier in Spring of this year I took a week off to revisit childhood at Walt Disney World. Disney isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I understand this, but I do love the lengths cast members and imagineers stretch to in order to bring Disney’s stories to life. The Disney designers are masters at getting down to the details of all things vacation. Which I didn’t appreciate until I was an adult (and as someone considering adding DIS to my stock portfolio). So much has changed since the last time I was at Disney, and it was a nice break from reality. One huge change was Downtown Disney. A smattering of restaurants and Disney shops last time I was there, it has exploded into a retail mecca. This is a place I highly recommend checking out, especially if you are planning a trip to the Orlando area in the next few years. Downtown Disney is under extensive renovations that I am looking forward to exploring when they are completed. This trip I really did not take much “camera time”. Preferring to take in the views and experiences for myself this time in Orlando. I almost walked right past Rapunzel’s tower. It is located in a little corner of the park (with a stroller park and restrooms) just as you leave Liberty Square and enter Fantasyland. Of the few photos I took this is my favorite of the trip.

Rapunzel's Tower


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