WDW Princess Half Marathon!

My next big challenge!

WDW Princess Half Marathon!Several years ago I spent a weekend at home, and told my parents that I had signed up to run in a 5k with a friend. The look of disbelief on their faces was priceless…and also gave me the motivation I needed to prove that I could complete that length of a run (3.1mi). The friend I ran with was also a great motivator, and a year or so later had convinced me that I could complete a Half Marathon. Since then I have completed a handful of long distance races and many 5-10k’s. I felt such a sense of accomplishment finishing that first Half. I remember thinking “Wow. I really did it. Something I never thought I would do.” It wasn’t pretty, but it didn’t matter how fast I ran…just that I kept going.

It also combined my interest in fitness, with my love of travel. That first half was my first trip to Las Vegas…what better way to see the strip at night than to run it! Long distance runs are a unique way to view places. Which brings me to my next Half Challege – The Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon. Yes, I’ve been to WDW….but I love the idea of having the “Disney Experience” of running through the parks. I have wanted to do a Disney Half for years. Their race weekends fill up incredibly fast so I decided early on this year to sign up the day registration opened (it sold out that day as well). The Princess Half takes place in late February of next year which will be a perfect time for a trip South. It will also keep me motivated to hit the gym consistently throughout the winter. I hope to post more as a train and prep for the trip over the next several months!


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