Prepping (and I’m horrible at updates)

Hard to believe my last post was August of last year to announce my participation in the Disney Princess half marathon now a week out. My theme outfit has been planned (let’s be real, it was the FIRST thing I started planning), and I have begun packing. I am going to try and do my best to blog the experience. For my own memories as well as knowing many runners look to those who have gone before them for tips and what to expect. My last big half marathon event was several years ago. It was the Rock-N-Roll Vegas strip at night. The one that was a total disaster from start to finish – literally. Since then I knew I wanted to do a Disney half to cancel out the previous negative experience. Originally I signed up for the Disney Princess half three years ago. Having to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances. Life is on an upswing and this trip/half is going to be a great way to kick off my year. I’m going to start my vacation coverage with packing and prepping. Follow my other coverage via my snapchat (jen-cameron), twitter (jen_cam), and YouTube.

Unless you are an elite runner, Disney theme halfs are a party. You dress up, and enjoying seeing the parks in a totally different way. Don’t worry about a PR.

Pack running gear for all weather contingencies. Basics every runner should bring include but might forget: running gloves, lightweight rain coat with hood, survival blanket or garbage bag to keep warm before the race starts. Disney races start EARLY in the morning…it won’t be 75 and sunny…yet!

If you can, pack your own pre-race snack (I do flour tortillas and Jason’s Honey PB packets). Don’t throw your body off by trying too much fancy vacation food. Plenty of time for that afterwards! Can’t pack it? Make a list and hit up a grocery store when you arrive.

Theme outfits! Plan and pick items that you know you can stand to jog in for 13.1 miles! I knew a tutu would bother me and left that out. is a great resource for inspiration and shopping in all price ranges. Go there and search “Disney running.” Also, not everyone dons a costume. You can enjoy yourself just as much in a Disney tee/tank and other regular work out gear.


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