Know Now – Artist

Given the state of current events reading up on the art world may seem trivial to passersby. A break from the daily/weekly news cycle is healthy, and important to remind ourselves to look beyond the usual scope of things. No, I won’t wax poetic on art techniques or movements. Rather I simply want to enjoy sharing posts about all mediums of art that I think folks will find interesting. Case in point – the artist called Hula (Sean Yoro). Some of you may  have seen snippets about this guy around the news. He is an artist who finds out of the way locales to paint his murals. As in painting by way of paddleboards and boats. Lately including ephemeral works on glaciers. Lucky for us he does sell a handful of prints and pieces (which tend to sell quickly if you can get your hands on one). The image below is of him painting a work of which I am lucky enough to own a print. Check out the links to his social media to see more. – JC


Hula / Sean Yoro


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